Lynn Gallagher developed a personal yoga and mindfulness practice as a means for healing her body after a debilitating injury. She received her training from Grace and Glory Yoga (power vinyasa yoga) and from Amrita Yoga (yin yoga). She gives special attention to trauma-sensitivity and works closely with non-profit yoga organizations to bring yoga and mindfulness to communities where they are not easily accessible. Her classes balance honoring the body where it is, and learning to advance at a pace that feels sustainable – on and off the mat.

Lynn is also a certified Reiki (Learn Reiki Philadelphia) (spiritually-guided life force energy) practitioner and uses energy healing as a means of removing blockages of energy and allowing to restore flow and balance into the lives of her clients. 

With her mindfulness-based approach and meditation instruction, she gives students and clients tools as a part of a daily practice to enhance one’s consciousness and awareness to draw forth healing and restore a sense of overall well-being. Her 200hr training in meditation from Raja Yoga and Meditation focuses on making meditation customizable and approachable.

She aims to bring a sense of wellness from exploring one’s own mind, body, and spirit and establishing equanimity through the physical and intellectual experience of yoga, meditation, and energy healing.

Find more on her Instagram account @lg_wellness or look out for her posts on medium.com/@lg_wellness to stay alert for what is to come!