My Story


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

My practice of mindfulness and yoga came to me when at a time in my life where I was ready and willing to commit to having a transformation. However, a few years before my practice started, I was unaware and unconscious of the changes I needed to undergo in order to remove myself from the negative and out of balance ways in which I was surviving, not living, which kept me in a cycle of chaos and disorder.

In 2013, I ended a long-term relationship that deteriorated me emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. In that time, I was still in college, uncertain of my identity, unsure about my future, and lacking the ability to see my own value and purpose in the world. It was a time of depression and deep hiding of my true emotions. For what seemed like an eternity, I kept myself from truly living and being who I wanted to be in hopes of pleasing others around me. This carried on for almost two years before I underwent serious, life-altering changes – to which I refer to as my transcendance. Looking back, the removal of such toxicity in my life became the much-needed catalyst for real, meaningful change that ultimately has lead me to where I am today.

Thankfully, in search for meaning, purpose, and a true sense of self, in the fall of 2014, I packed three suitcases and jumped ship to move abroad and live in Europe (Rome, Italy) for four months. At this time, I was formally enrolled at Temple University in Rome but I became a student of life and learned who I was becoming, what I loved, and what exactly I wanted to make of myself. Traveling abroad and finding a new perspective on my life opened up my eyes to the possibilities of living in my own truth and I started to embody a new way of being.

On the other hand, I was still striving to understand what exactly I needed to focus on and how to develop and grow myself to feel fulfilled. It took me traveling again in 2015, the semester before graduating from college, only this time it was completely alone for almost a month. My time spent on the islands of Hawaii for those three and half weeks allowed me to gain access to my spirituality, in which I experienced an awakening of sorts, that made me take a look deep within myself to explore my world internally instead of  looking externally for answers to questions only I knew I possessed. I credit this time to the establishment of my spiritual and wellness practices that I have adhered to for three years now. These practices changed me forever and gave me my life back after feeling lost and disconnected for years.

Through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and now Reiki, I have acquired the tools to bring forth healing which has guided me through a transformation of my energy and given me the ability to now reach out and heal others because I believe we are all connected in our humanity through our pain, suffering and even more, our ability to be resilient and rise above. With support and guidance, we can choose to overcome these setbacks and find resources as well as other people to lead us through our healing and transcending. 

Now, as a yoga and meditation instructor and Reiki practitioner, I fully intend to make these practices as accessible as possible to ANY and ALL populations in need of healing and guidance. I believe we are all just walking each other home and have a rightful duty to give to those around us in order to leave the world in a better condition when we leave it.

Thank you for meeting me along this journey.



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