Chakra Balancing Perfume Oils by @lg_wellness

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Lynn began Lynn Gallagher Wellness (@lg_wellness) in 2018. It grew from her blog which she used as a space to share her lifestyle in order to create a community with others looking to find wellness tips. Through these platforms and including her instagram she hopes inspire others to take their personal wellness into account and find an optimal state of well-being. She believes that fostering healing by self-care and self-compassion by doing the HEART work of mindfulness, meditation, reiki, and yoga can lead to living a life of fulfillment and ultimate contentment.

Lynn’s line of Chakra Balancing Perfume Oils is a “passion project” that began by the suggestion of close friends whom she would give her oils to as gifts and as a notion to take time for self-care. Many noted that the oils felt therapeutic and ritualistic, as they would use them ALWAYS carry it with them to feel a sense of calm or use it as a part of their de-stressing routine.

This ultimately lead to the creation of her first line of products, each oil taking after it’s chakra counterpart. These handmade, pure essential oils in organic carrier oils are made with love in small batches by Lynn from her home in Philadelphia, energy charged with crystals that went through a full moon cycle, and infused with Reiki.

Her intention with these oils is to be a part of a self-care routine or ritual and used in the areas of the chakras they are respectively made for in order to establish a sense of overall equanimity in energy and well-being.

These oils are meant to be an access point to starting a deeper conversation on using holistic alternatives for healing.