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Lynn Gallagher, licensed Esthetician, expanded on her holistic practices after years of offering wellness and healing modalities in order to delve more into the ritual of beauty. She is certified Gua Sha & Facial Cupping from Michele Gellis, a licensed cosmetic acupuncturist based out of Baltimore, Maryland and has advanced her training with facial acupuncturists based out of New York City, New York. Her latest advanced training is with Britta Plug of Studio Britta in NYC, a leading Gua Sha trainer. With her background in yoga, meditation and reiki, Lynn mindfully combines wellness and beauty within her Gua Sha facial massages to help you connect with your skin and rituals to enhance your vitality and radiance.


In short, Gua Sha Facial Massage aims to increase circulation of the skin (of the face) and stimulates the lymphatic system. In doing so, the skin can fundamentally transform when cleared from stagnation. Gua Sha, in Mandarin, means “to scrape”, or literally translates into “to scrape sand”. Facial gua sha, more gentler than what is traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on the body, can benefit the skin by depuffing, reducing irritations and erythema (redness), transforming texture, and releasing facial tension that can lead to lines and wrinkles to name a few. Paired with facial cupping, the gentle suction will enhance muscular stimulation, further relieving tension, stimulating circulation, and regenerating/repairing the skin. Sessions with Lynn will include a skin consultation and customized gua sha facial massage and/or cupping to create a foundation of radiance and vitality for your skin and its health.

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